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Prepare your trip to Bali

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17 July 2020

Prepare your trip to Bali

Is this your first trip to Bali? You are preparing everything and you have 50 questions to ask? No worries we are (almost) able to answer or at least inform you on the most important information.


The Language

bahasa indonesia

In Bali, the mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia, this language us spoken by all the habitants of the island, so you should think of starting soon if you want to be able to order your Nasi Goreng or a fresh Bintang… you can also speak in English, the local will understand you as long as you don’t force to much on your home accent.


The pharmacy case

medecine case bali

Are you aware of the tourista? also called “diarrhea of the traveler” it is an acute gastroenteritis that manifest itself with a diarrhea and other symptoms like tiredness, pain and stomach cramps, nauseous and vomiting. This occurs on travelers that travel to country with low level of food and water hygiene. There is an average of one out of three travelers that can suffer from this affection (according to Wikipedia) and in Bali there is a high chance that it will happen (trust me from my past experience). Now that we are aware of the tourista and that we know that it will come disturb us, I will propose the only remedy that will cure you in 85% of the cases (in other cases concerning germs and other bacteria’s that makes you poo poo blood and fever a medical consultation is required MANDATORY): the remedy is not immodium or smecta (these medicines blocks your digestive system et does not cure the diarrhea, it only delays the due date before a new wave hits) so here you go the remedy is nifuroxazide. You will be able to find this medicine anywhere in pharmacies, prepare a box per person, follow well the indications of the instructions, do not just take it once but follow the treatment.

Otherwise for the rest plan Biafine that will relieve your white skin who will have turned red like fire, a box of Paracetamol and Ibuprofene if you have a headache after spending your day on the road and for the young ones do not forget protection!


Do you need a visa?

visa bali

So, visa or no visa? In order to know the answer, you will need to calculate the number of days that you will be staying in our splendid villas (or not). So how long are you staying? Less than 30 days? Perfect you will not need to a visa. For a stay, more than 30 days, you will require a visa for a price of 35$ and renewable once. You must acquire it upon your arrival at the airport.


The transport

transport bali

On Bali you have a vast choice of transportation, between renting a scooter or a car. You can also reserve a private driver to discover the most beautiful places of the island. You will be able to download transportation apps such as Uber or Grab.

Do not trust the airport taxi, the price announced will not be the final price that they will give you at destination, we proposed a shuttle from the airport to the villa or from the villa to airport. In Bali, if you wish to drive your own transport you are required to have an international passport.


Sanitary information

On the island, it is possible that you will catch some diseases that can not be cure with your pharmacy case. The best place for you to get treated is the clinic SOS international (Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai 505 X, Kuta, Bali).

In the case of catching dengue for instant, you will need to be hospitalized, the Siloam hospital is recommended (Jl. Sunset Road No. 818 Kuta, Badung – Bali).

DO NOT in any case drink the tab water, our villas are all equip of a water dispenser.

In restaurant on the side road, do not eat anything raw (meat and vegetables). Finally, do not buy any food on food trucks on the beach or in touristic places.



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